This is a quick snapshot of my installation at the Ruislip LIP Exhibition, Cow Byre Gallery, Ruislip.

It’s a new approach – all the images are back-lit to provide an added dimension or degree of depth for added interpretation. I’ll be posting the images separately, but the idea of printing on different media and then back-lighting is one that I want to explore. For this experiment, I used the Ikea Riiba frames that you can buy on eBay or Amazon. Mine were a special offer through Amazon Prime. They’re deep box frames and in a normal situation – as the frames are supplied – the photo sits at the rear of the frame behind a spacer. I mounted the picture at the front of the spacer which gave room for me to mount battery powered led lights (again available cheaply from eBay and Amazon) on the backboard behind the image.

My original intention was to print on Awagami Murakumo Kozo Select White paper, the idea being that the fibres in the paper would become visible through back-lighting. However, this didn’t work as detail disappeared from the images (my blurred images have little detail in them to begin with) and they just looked like a smudge. Then the deadline for the exhibition was looming, so I printed on Fotospeed Matte Proofing paper with very good results. I will return to experiment with thicker Awagami papers when the exhibition has closed.

In all, I’ve had great feedback from the exhibition so I will probably develop this into a full installation.

Mad Bess Woods Robert W Davies 2017



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