The Return (2)

My second real outing since surgery. I’m still exploring deliberate image distortion in rural settings. Currently I’m experimenting with Vaseline smeared filters. So far I like the obvious distortion but the almost haphazard overlay of detailed elements.  

Mad Bess Woods

This is a quick snapshot of my installation at the Ruislip LIP Exhibition, Cow Byre Gallery, Ruislip. It’s a new approach – all the images are back-lit to provide an added dimension or degree of depth for added interpretation. I’ll be posting the images separately, but the idea of printing Read more…

Mynydd Hir Revisited (1)

So I revisited the Long Mynd to try a different interpretation from the approach that I took in the first series. This featuresĀ a return to monochrome and no camera movement! Here’s the first of hopefully a new series:      

Devon Seascape 1

So this is my entry into the Greenwich LIP’s Annual Exhibition – more details here. This follows my current work – a move away from street photography into seascapes and landscapes. The work is driven by the perspective that both landscapes and seascapes are real, living and dynamic environments – Read more…

From the Stone Circle

Mitchell’s Fold Stone Circle dates back to the Bronze Age and I wonder how much this view, taken near the circle, has changed (with exception of the recent addition of rape seed fields) over the millennia. This is a wind swept place seemingly in perpetual motion. The corrugated land near Read more…