In summary, I’m a (largely) self-trained photographer. Photography captured me from around the age of 22 as I found it a great way of communicating – far better for me than the spoken or written words. Initially, I concentrated on street photography – largely in the east End of London. Now my image-making journey is going in different directions including landscape and portraiture.

This image-making journey has gone through three distinct episodes:

1972 – 1994 Trained to work in an office. Attempted to break into photography – self-trained as street photographer –  but returned reluctantly to office life.

1995 – 2014 Redundancy after over 20 years employment forced a change of course. Re-educated, became self-employed. Brought my cameras out of storage.

2014 to present Embarked upon a serious return to photography with the objective of exploring new avenues. Rather than returning to street photography, I am now exploring other lens-based ways to create images – focusing (if you excuse the pun!) – on landscapes and portraiture – using a mix of flash and intentional camera movement.

As I’ve said, I’m largely self-trained and in my early years I explored social observation following the work of Tony Ray-Jones and Manuel Álvarez Bravo. The only formal photographic education I have received was a at the Sir John Cass Faculty of Art, Architecture and Design and I am now receiving mentorship to further develop my image-crafting skills under the guidance of Spencer Rowell.

Additionally, I am a member of London Independent Photography where I lead one of the London satellite discussion groups.