Mynydd Hir Revisited (1)

So I revisited the Long Mynd to try a different interpretation from the approach that I took in the first series. This features a return to monochrome and no camera movement! Here’s the first of hopefully a new series:      

Fingers Crossed!

Well, some good news in that I got one of three images that I submitted for the London Independent Photography Annual exhibition through to the second selection round. It’s Sweet Blissful Ignorance (see below) – part of the Illness series. So fingers crossed for the next selection round!      

The Devil’s Landscape

I’m continuing to work on the Mynydd Hir project. All the images for this project were taken in one afternoon and it was one of those days when everything seemed to fall into place.  It was one of those photographically prolific days, as opposed to the the more frequent occurrences when I Read more…